Cherry Picker

Called by so many names, a truck mounted Cherry Picker, Boom Lift or Travel Tower is basically the same thing.

Our Operator will bring the Lift to you, set it up, operate it making sure everyone is harnessed up and safe, help you through your job, then pack up and leave. It’s that simple!

Our Small Truck Mounted Lift (ZED20) is versatile, can access places bigger lifts can’t and is quick to relocated for jobs that require multiple set ups.

Our rates vary depending on the type of Lift you require to complete your job:

  • Hourly rates (1 hour minimum on some lifts)
  • Day rate discounts
  • Plus, a Call Out fee, specific to the suburb or area, which covers all time and travel to and from the job site.
  • It is easier, safer, and allows you to stay productive, saving you time and money.
  • You won’t find a cheaper lift and operator!

With more safety regulations being enforced every year, you can no longer afford to send a staff member up a makeshift ladder when working at heights. Liftman is the solution. Whether it is to change a light, minor repairs, cleaning or maintenance, to replace a sign or a painting job, Liftman provides you a safer option.

We offer a complete package of services that includes bringing the lift to you, together with a qualified Liftman operator who will ensure the operation of the lift throughout the job while making sure all necessary safety measures are observed.

We are always happy to perform a site inspection and suggest the most suitable Lift for your job.