So often, access to a work site is limited.  Spider Lifts offer the ultimate access solution.  Light weight and versatile, often able to access sites that other lifts are unable to.  Great for indoors, back yards and sloping sites.

Check this out!

Our new Spider Lift has:

  • 25 metre max working height
  • 13 metre max sideways reach
  • Amazing 10 metres of sideways reach at over 20 metres high
  • 230kg in the basket
  • The tracks can be narrowed to only one metre wide to get in to sites with limited access.
  • Non-marking Tracks
  • Electric motor for in door use.  Quiet and pollution free!
  • Operator can remotely operate from the ground allowing two of your team in the basket

But, best of all is that we only charge a 2 Hour On Site Minimum, plus the Call Out Fee, and our Operator will look after everything to do with the Lift, so you can focus on the job at hand.

We are always happy to perform a site inspection and suggest the most suitable Lift for your job.